C172 10 Hour Package
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This 10 hour flight package is non-refundable and includes the price of the airplane and instructor per hour. Because the purchase is in bulk we are able to reduce the price from the normal price per hour of the Cessna172 ($169/hr: includes aircraft & CFI) to $155/hr ($115/hr for plane and $40hr for CFI).


If purchased as a Gift Certficate, please indicate so and let us know if you wish to have a personalized message added to the gift certicate for the recipiant.

NOTE: All Flight Training Packages are not refundable in cash. No exceptions. Flight hours purchased in a pre-paid package can only be refundable in flight hours that may be disbursed in the form of a gift certificate for Discovery Flights or Sightseeing Tours. By making this purchase, you acknowledge and agree that all Flight Training Packages are not refundable in cash and that there are absolutly NO exceptions under any circumstances.

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C172 10 Hour Package

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